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General Introduction

Organization structure:

World Education is an international counseling organization on Education. It is licensed by the Vietnam Government to meet the need of overseas studies from countrywide students, college and university students, and working staff.. World Education is a member of EDUCAPITAL, with two strategic partners, system of Vietnam-Australia International Schools (VAS) and different campuses of Vietnam-USA Society English  Centers (VUS-ETSC)

Mission :
World Education commits to meeting various needs of students and their parents on overseas educational counseling.We are well-known in providing outstanding quality service accurately and dependably. We constantly strive to widen our operational activities within both the national and international legal framework, to implement professional ethics and responsibility in our services with clients and partners.


World Education has made continuous efforts to become a leading reliable consulting group in education of Vietnam through our committed services quality. World Edu shall be an effective bridge for relations of training cooperation and technical transfer, and additional strength for the youth of the Vietnam on the way to approach advanced education in knowledge economy era.

Operational Philosophy and Beliefs:

World Education focuses all our efforts to fulfill the needs and desire of our clients. We committed to providing services which introduce our customers to re-known international education establishments. This is the keystone in building students’ future career for themselves and the whole society.

In the past 15 years of operation, we always bear in mind the following mottos as intangible values:

·         ACCURACY: In counseling services, we provide our clients with complete and accurate information on different education establishments in the subject/degree area of their choosing. Moreover, we provide actual and effective advice for our clients’, taking into consideration individual training capacity, financial affordability, and individual desire so the client can make an informed decision.

·         PROFESSIONALITY: In order to guarantee an effective union between   our clients and international partners, World Education places emphasis on the quality of operations and services. Our friendly counselors are always devoted in their counseling and planning of training plan proper to the need and culture of the beneficiary, ensuring our clients’ interest and specialization of related partners.

·         DEPENDABILITY: World Education’s dependability relies on service quality accumulating throughout our operations from A to Z. We measure ourselves through clients’ and international partners’ feedback, satisfaction and reliability.