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American high school scholarship


This is a full annual scholarship provided by the US Government to worldwide secondary studends with the aim to cultural understanding of international students to American culture via education and culture.

This program is a good chance for students to access American advanced educational system, improve language skills, make new friends, and discover new things. The host familes are second ones to help you well integrate into new enviroment. You will be a member of the host family and discover a diversified new life and culture, full of festivities in American. Being a Vietnamese good will ambassador, you would introduce our history, our culture, our costumes, our cuisine, even our music to American friends both at home and at school.

One academic year studying in America will be a good chance for you do obtain lots of living experience and to be more practical in life within a pragmatic enviroment. You may join in a lot of school extracurricular activities, take parts in different clubs such as cheer or discovery groups, band members, drama club… With pratical learing methods, team working, gourp discussion, you will obtains abundant experience for you later life and career, especially what you gain after one year in America would be a sound ground for you to receive other scholarship to well-known colleges and universities throughout the USA.

Requirements for participants:

  • Students in grades 9, 10, 11 across the country (born before June 30, 1999)
  • Good fluency in English (graded through SLEP written and oral interview)
  • Studying ability: above average
  • Good conduct
  • Active, confident and having good health

World Education will hold examination to candidates of this program. Please contact (08) 38 221 224 or 0938 067 080 for examination registration.

Recommendation letters from American teachers and host family:

  • Tran Tan Binh, student at Le Quy Don High School, went to the US in this Program in Texas, academic year 2007 -2008, is now studying at John F. Kenedy, Burien, Washington State, USA.
  • Lam Chi Ky, student at Hung Vuong High School, went to the US in this program in 2007 -2008, Oklahoma, now studying at Carl Albert State College, Oklahoma, USA.
  • Tran Thanh Thanh, Studend at Vung Tau High School.
  • Nguyen Thuy Vy, student at Asia Pacific High School, went to the US in this program in 2009 -2012, Washington State, USA.
  • Van Tan Loc, student at Le Hong Phpng High School, went to the US in this program in 2009-2010, Michigan State, USA.
  • Ton That Tung, student at Petrus Ky High School, went to the US in this program in 2009 -2010, Arkansas, USA.
  • Vo Lam Minh Trang, student at Trung Vuong High School, went to the US in this program in 2009 -2010, Michigan State, USA.
  • Nguyen Viet Ha Minh, student at Nguyen Du High School, went to the US in this program in 2009 – 2010, Iowa, USA.


Nguyen Luu Vy Tran (alumni from Truong Vinh Ky Secondary School): Studying at King High School, Texas, USA:Life as a cultural exchange student is a turning point in my life. It was a wise choice to meet with interesting challenges in helping us to be more independent, mature, and critical in thinking. Knowing more about American culture helps me widen my knowledge and vision in life, and at the same time set up higher targets in life with more confident in oneself.”


Le Tuan Quang (alumni from Vietnam-Australia International Secondary School) Studying at Rockford High School, Michigan: "The program has brought me a lot of valuable experiences to be more mature, and further develop my language skills. I was living and studying as an actual American teenager. The loving care of my host parents helped me overcome lots of challenges, leading to my winning the first prize in state water ball.”


Nguyen Vu Thao My
alumni from Nguyen Cong Tru Secondary School) Studying at Cheney High School, Washington: "Being a participant in community activities gives me a sound opportunity to learn more about American culture and improve my English skills. The native host family is eager to help me better integrate to new living environment. Thanks to this program that I have had an opportunity to flourish my artistic interest. After visiting some Art Galleries that I better know about well-known artists in the world.”


World Education Co.Ltd. hold regular admittance test to scholarships on Cultural Exchange Program every Saturday and Sunday from August 28th to November 25th 2013. For registration please contact: (08) 38221  224 or 0938 06 07 80.


Registration for Cultural Exchange program in 2014 - 2015

Information Day:

For a good preparation to this program this year, World Education holds an Information Day to provide necessary information on program requirements relating to schools and host familes, and especially meet with students who attended this program in previous years.

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