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There are 3 popular kinds of visa:

  1. Study Visa F1: is issued to students who want to go to the US to study Enlish ( more than 18hrs/week), self supported studying programs for secondary schools, college preparatory courses, community college, graduate and post graduate programs.
  2. Exchange culture Visa J1: is issued to students participating in Exchange Culture Program, one year validity.
  3. Visa B2: is issued to students participating in Summer Study Program.

Procedures for Visa Application:

  1. Fill out Visa Application Form DS 160 on line at https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/ . Print application form along with confirm information.
  2. Regirter for interview schedule on line at American Consulate: https://evisaforms.state.gov/default.asp?postcode=HCM&appcode=3. Print your interview schedule and bring it along with you to interview.
  3. Buy a Interview Voucher with date at: Sunwah Tower, 115 Nguyen Hue, District 1, HCMCity. Visa Fee: USD 140.
  4. Fee payment SEVIS (for F1 and J) . This payment is paid on line by credit card at www.fmjfee.com Print receipt after SEVIS payment.
  5. Documentation  for studying in America consists of the foolowing details:  Academic Records or List of Grades

                     Certificates of English fluency (if any)

                     Financial document:

-   Document on financial income of parents or sponsor

-   Document on land or house ownership

-   Document on other valued property

-   Savings accounts

-   Individual document

-   I-20 or DS 2019 and (or) School Invitation letter

-   DS 160 Application form

-   Passport

-   1 photo 5 x 5 up to regulation

-   Copy of Interview schedule

-   Interview voucher (supported by World Education)

-   Receipt of SEVIS payment

-   Copy of IDCard of student and parents

-   Residence Certificate

-   Parents’ Marriage Certificate

-   Other necessary documents

All related documents are the original ones.

Venues for interviews:

-   American General Consulate in Hanoi

Website: http://vietnam.usconsulate.gov/index.html

Address: 7, Lang Ha Street, Hanoi

-   American Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City

Website: http://hochiminh.usconsulate.gov/index.html

Address: 4, Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Interview time:

The student is usually informed on visa result right after the interview. In case it is necessary for some further documents submission, time for visa consideration would be longer. In case the visa is approved, it is sent to student’s address within 3 working days. Visa sending fees though postal service is from VND 25,000-40,000, this fee is paid on the date of interview.

In case the visa is refused, all documents will be delivered back to the student right after the interview.

For visa issuing you have to prove:

  • You have a clear Study Plan
  • You have a good fluency in English up to academic requirements.
  • You have enough financial support to cove your studies.
  • Your relations in Vietnam showing that you will come back after your studies in the US.

Students are encouraged to answers in English during the interview.

At the interview, student’s fingerprint is taken.

Visa validity is usually for one year drom the date of the interview. Students in the US are not allowed to go working while studying, except on-campus part time jobs, or non-competitive work.

For more and updated information, please visit the following websites:

-   http://vietnam.usembassy.gov/student_visa.html

-   http://hochiminh.usconsulate.gov/non-immigrant_visa.html

-   http://www.educationusa.info/pages/students/visa.html